Cheryl & Wills | Grace Estate Winery

It all began when Cheryl & Wills were invited to their mutual friends' destination wedding in Charleston, South Carolina, where they instantly hit it off. As Wills so sweetly stated in his vows to Cheryl, "...from the moment I saw you, you immediately caught my eye. I knew I needed to know you, and I think I fell in love with you on that first night at Mark & Kate's wedding." After a whirlwind long weekend together, Cheryl flew back to Florida and Wills returned to New Jersey. They talked daily from that point on, and three weeks later Cheryl found herself on a plane to NYC to visit friends (but really to see Wills). Two weeks after that, Wills was in Florida visiting Cheryl for her birthday weekend. They dated long distance for a year with frequent trips and daily FaceTime chats. Wills proposed almost exactly a year after they met at the Summit New Jersey Arboretum, which led to Cheryl's move to Charlottesville, Virginia to be with Wills during his one-year spine surgery fellowship at UVA. 

Cheryl & Wills are such a lovely couple, and their wedding followed suit! There was something so classic and chic about their wedding day. The absolutely jaw-dropping view at Grace Estate Winery combined with the rich architecture and history of the estate made this venue the perfect backdrop for this timeless wedding! To top it off, Cheryl could not have been more stunning in her elegant lace dress from Couture Bridal Miami. Although every detail was breath-taking, the most beautiful part of their day was undoubtedly the heart-felt and genuine vows they wrote to each other. Just hearing the emotion in their voices as they professed their vows to each other is enough to make you teary-eyed! "You felt like home to me," Cheryl beautifully articulated to Wills, "and that's where I wanted to be." <3 <3