DeVries Family Photo Session

Let's just be honest. We have been LONG overdue for new family photos. Our second oldest, Shiloh, is already NINE months old (WHAAAAT?!) and we realized recently that the last time we had professional photos taken was when our oldest, Evie, was nine months old! Thankfully we know quite a few amazing photographers in this business, one of which is the incredible Jenny of FolkLife Photography. She is seriously THE BEST, guys. We were so blessed to have her take some awesome family photos and new headshots for Josh and I. She also sneaked in some photos of just Josh and I as a couple, which was pretty great considering we haven't had photos taken like that since our wedding. So yeah, like I said, long overdue. :) 

By the way, if you've ever taken family photos with a baby and toddler, you know that it is NO JOKE. To be perfectly honest, I was not sure we were going to be able to get any photos with Evie looking at the camera because... #toddlerhood. This is why having an awesome photographer like Jenny is so important. Evie may have walked away from the photoshoot having eaten a few too many gummy bears, but it got the job done. ;) 

We hope you all enjoy the photos!!