The Best Part of Winter

As most of you know, Central Virginia was hit with our second  "big" snow a couple weeks ago. If you're anything like me, snow is what helps keep you sane during the last couple months of winter. I've always loved how time seems to slow down when it snows. The world seems to take a pause to allow the snow to fall. And if you live in Virginia, this is especially true, as you'd be hard pressed to find more than a handful of stores keeping their doors open. (Insert joke about bread and milk here.) 

This particular snow day was extra special because we got snowed in my with my two youngest sisters, and my soon to be brother-in-law. As the oldest sibling present, I had the honor of making us a huge pancake and fruit brunch, followed by a warm chili dinner. (Some family traditions just never get old.) Of course, we had to make the most of the day and squeeze in a mini photo shoot! Although Josh and I are primarily wedding cinematographers, we enjoy putting on our photography hats from time to time too. And when you have beautiful sisters like mine, you don't hesitate to seize the opportunity! 

So without further ado, grab yourself a warm hot cocoa, sit by the cozy fire, and enjoy these fun snow photos!