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cinematographer | editor

Josh was born just outside of Chicago, but grew up overseas in Holland until he was 18 years old. When he was younger, you would often find Josh with a camera in hand, making comedic short films with his friends. He has always had a passion for filmmaking and story-telling, so it’s really no wonder that he found himself creating a wedding cinematography company a couple years after graduating from college. Josh loves filming weddings because it gives him the opportunity to tell each couple’s story in a creative capacity.

When Josh isn't filming and editing weddings, you’ll find him dreaming up new story ideas for other film projects, playing gypsy jazz guitar, or binge-watching the latest Netflix original show with Micah. Josh is fueled by writing, philosophy, reading, and spending time with his favorite people, his family: Micah, Evie, Shiloh, and "Merm", his moody cat. 



cinematographer | studio manager

Micah grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, which in her humble opinion is one of the best cities in the Southeast. Although she dabbled in the arts and studied theatre in college, she knew very little about the world of cinema until Josh decided he wanted to start a film company. Their family would often go to the park where Josh would teach her a little every day, and their young girls would be their test subjects. Over time a passion for film began to grow, and Micah found herself becoming the other half to DeVries Productions. She absolutely adores getting to know her clients and building a connection with them, and loves that she has the opportunity to work creatively alongside her husband! 

In her spare time, Micah enjoys playing with her girls, having after dinner dance parties with her family, making (and eating) tacos with friends, reading the latest novel with her book club, and visiting the many different vineyards all over Virginia. She loves going out for a good run while listening to her favorite podcast or audiobook. 


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